Tea And Coffee Industry Overview In India

The tea and coffee industry is one of the first organized sectors of the Indian subcontinent. In both these industries, efficient processes are used by the processing units and systematic guidelines followed during the harvesting season.

The tea made in India is ranked among the best of its kind throughout the Globe. The investments made by big business entities have also played their part in the recognition the country’s tea and coffee sector gained in Global markets. Processing the tea leaves and coffee beans efficiently and consistently is important for quality output.

Now, let us take a quick look at some important details pertaining to the Indian tea and coffee sector. 

  • Darjeeling, Assam, and Doaars are the leading zones in India, for the quantity of tea that is cultivated.

  • Approximately, 75% of the total quantity of tea made in India is consumed indigenously. Sipping “Chai” (tea) is an indispensable element of the everyday life of an average Indian.

  • High revenues are generated through the export of tea, as well. 

  • Along with tea, even coffee is a beverage that is consumed a lot in India.

  • Among the leading coffee producers of the Asian region, India is positioned at Number three. India is the third leading coffee exporter of Asia, too. 

  • When the worldwide coffee industry is considered, India holds the number six and number five positions, in terms of production and exports, respectively. 

  • For the financial year 2018, the total exports of tea and coffee in the country were valued at about INR 115 billion.

  • Italy is the major export market for coffee made in India. For the fiscal year 2018, around INR 10 billion is the value of the coffee that was exported to Italy. 

  • During the 2019-2020 financial year, the total coffee produced in the country amounted to roughly 299,300 million tonnes. 

  • For the same period, when the entire coffee produced in the World is taken into consideration, the share of India is more than 3%. 

  • Almost 70% of the coffee produced in the country is sold to overseas markets, while the balance 30% goes towards domestic consumption. 

  • The market value of the Indian tea sector is valued at nearly INR 100 billion and the country is the second biggest cultivator of tea in the World. India’s contribution to the worldwide production of tea is around 30%. 

  • India exports more than three-fourths of the tea produced in the country. It occupies the number four position in the list of leading tea exporters of the globe. 

Future Prospects For Tea And Coffee Industry

A major chunk of the population in India is made up of the younger people belonging to the age group of 18-45. Predominantly, these are the people who love to socialize over several cups of tea/coffee. So from that angle, a good future can be anticipated for the industry. The unpredictable climate of India would decide whether the major part of the tea/coffee produced is going to be sold to indigenous or overseas markets. 

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