Benefits of Vedic Mathematics

The word Vedic Mathematics is derived from two words which are Veda and Ganitha, where ‘Veda’ means knowledge and ‘Ganitha’ means Mathematics. It is based on sixteen sutras (formulae) and thirteen sub-sutras (corollaries). The application of sutras in operation saves a lot of time and effort in solving the different mathematical problems, as compared to the latest formal methods which are presently popular. Though the solutions come out like magic, the applications of the sutras are completely rational and logical.

Vedic math encourages mental alertness
The techniques of Vedic Mathematics enhance mental alertness, mathematical intelligence and sharpens the mind. They are so simple and straightforward that they remove the fear of mathematics. Practicing them will reduce finger counting and dependence on calculators. They are greatly useful in all kinds of examinations of schools and colleges including competitive examinations, to solve more questions in a short period of time and score well in exams. They also increase interest as they are fun to learn and interrelated.

Vedic math is faster and involves less effort
Vedic methods will take a much smaller fraction of time and few steps or without any intermediate steps at all to solve even a complex problem. These methods are so simple that even people with an average knowledge of mathematics can easily understand them. Learning mathematics is an unpleasant experience to some students mostly because it involves mental exercise. Entering into the methods and procedures of Vedic Mathematics, one can realize the applicability, importance, and benefits of different Sutras (formulae) and methods of Vedic Mathematics.

Vedic math involves less paperwork and can be done in the mind
Vedic Math is done in mind. It also initiates from a basic level of numbers and gradually proceeds to simple additions, subtractions, multiplications, or division. It goes much beyond basic mathematical calculations, one can even solve complex algebraic problems and geometrical theorems using Vedic Math. One can also start learning it at later ages as well without any difficulty.

Vedic math improves decision making – choosing the right principle for a given situation
They not only provide calculation methods but also ways of thinking for their application. These sutras are one-line formulae originally written in Sanskrit, which can be easily memorized and describe natural ways of solving a whole range of mathematical problems quickly. Therefore, they provide immense help in leading the student to the appropriate method of solution. The sutras are applicable and cover each and every branch of mathematics including algebra, geometry, arithmetic, trigonometry, calculus, integral and astronomy, etc. In fact, no part of mathematics is beyond this jurisdiction, whether it’s pure or applied mathematics.

Vedic math is coherent and integrated
Vedic Mathematics system provides many striking general and special methods previously unknown to modern mathematics but is far more integrated and coherent as a system. It is a system of mental mathematics. It not only teaches how to get the right answer but also cultivates strong logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The techniques of Vedic Math can make one realize that any mathematical problem has more than just one correct method of solution.

Many benefits of Vedic Math if done regularly
The methods of Vedic Math leave sound effects on one’s mind if practiced regularly and efficiently. These methods are super-fast, mental, and one-line along with cross-checking systems. Many of these methods are simple and relatively effortless. Vedic Mathematics creates a positive impression of India’s mathematical heritage.

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