Brown Rice Keeps You Away From Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer

Brown rice almost got disappeared in last few years with invention of processing machine for white rice. Today, with increasing cases of obesity, cancer and diabetes in India, people are returning to brown rice. Read on to know more about brown rice and its advantages [...]

What is Diabetes?

India is called as the ‘diabetes capital of the world’ with more than 5 crore people suffering from diabetes. Many factors like the consumption of polished and processed foods, heavy intake of calorie–rich foods, sedentary lifestyles are the main reasons behind this epidemic. Though diabetes in not a fatal disorder, people suffering from it should [...]

What You Need to Know About Pesticides?

Nowadays, there is a lot of concern on the usage of food pesticides and the dangers it can cause to our body and environment. Previously, we believed eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good to our health. But today we need to think twice even before buying because of the chemicals and pesticides used on […]


How Does Green Tea Prevent Diabetic Symptoms ?

When stressed out, people always crave for a cup of good flavored tea to loosen up and lower their stress levels. Especially, having a cup of green tea is more refreshing which also ensures certain health benefits. Among different varieties of tea types, Green tea is considered as a better choice specifically for people who […]

Common dental procedures that can enhance your smile

Smile is beautiful so keep smiling as much as possible because it never gets old. Some people do not feel confident about their smile and go for various cosmetic dentistry procedures for smile makeover. People have different reasons to improve their smile, some are not happy with the shape of their teeth while others don’t […]

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Main reasons for sensitivity of teeth

People with sensitive teeth experience a sharp shooting pain when they have excessive pressure on their teeth, consume extreme hot & cold, sweet, acidic foods or drinks, breath in cold air etc. The condition is also known as dentin hypersensitivity or root sensitivity that generally occurs when the gums pull back, dentin gets exposed and […]

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Oral health hazards for teenagers

Pre-teens and teenagers have to be extra cautious about oral health as they often neglect taking good care of dental hygiene because of their busy schedules. It is important to make them understand good oral habits at early ages so that they can continue practicing them through out their life. Lets discuss some of the […]

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Sugar Substitutes – Best Alternatives for Diabetic Patients

Sugar Substitutes – Best alternatives for diabetic patients:To prevent a rise in blood sugar level, people with diabetes mellitus are restricted from eating sugars whether it is from natural foods or artificially added by choice to bring out the taste of sweetness. It is important that they need to understand their sugar levels and plan […]

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Oral care recommendations for kids

Oral care recommendations for kids: Kids with temporary gaps in their teeth look adorable but sometimes they may also have to make couple of visits to pediatric dentist for cavities, broken teeth, deficiencies and crooked teeth. Children from infancy through teens are too young to understand the implications of being negligent with oral health. Hence […]

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Dental Care Tips during pregnancy

Dental concerns during pregnancy: Many women feel discomfort going to dentist when they are pregnant because they are not sure if it is safe to go through the dental procedures. Well, some make it safe through nine months while others face some emergency situations where they can’t wait without making a visit to dental practitioner’s office. […]

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Are you using the right cinnamon in your cooking?

Many people really adore using cinnamon in their cooking as it adds an extra touch of sweetness to their recipes. It also occupies a special place in traditional treatments as people believe that cinnamon mixed with honey when taken will cure many general health ailments. However, we need to be very cautious while using it […]

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Sugar substitutes: An easy to understand summary of most important key facts

In general, people have addiction to the taste of sugar and most of them find it difficult to control their craving for sweets and baked foods. Lately, with the increase in health issues, many of us are understanding the dangers of sugar intake with rich calories and are looking for alternative choices of food sweeteners. […]

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Top Green Tea Brands in India

With growing awareness about the health benefits of green tea, more and more people are discontinuing the usage of their traditional teas to go for this cupful of healthy beverage. Having green tea twice or thrice a day can do wonders because it has large amounts of antioxidants and poly-phenols that fights against free radicals, […]

Which Green Tea is most healthy ?

What can be more perfect than having a cup of healthy beverage like green tea when you are totally exhausted? Green tea is considered as the best health elixir with many proven benefits against obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. The best brands of green tea has loads of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols such as […]

Metabolic Process Involved in Digestion of Carbohydrates

What are carbohydrates? Carbohydrates (saccharides) are the substances present in the food that humans ingest. The classification of carbohydrates is done, based on the number of single carbohydrate molecules in each of a complex molecule. Simple carbohydrates Mono saccharides: These are the carbohydrates with single sugar molecules – with a simple molecular structure that includes […]

Tips to recover from Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is the condition of not having sufficient amount of sleep. The only solution to overcome the sleep-deprivation is to have enough sleep. But, there are a few tips to overcome the issues associated with sleep-deprivation. These tips not only helps you for the day, but also makes you sleep well in that night.

Importance of Sunlight

Studies have shown that sunlight gives us specific health benefits both directly and indirectly. A sensible amount of sunlight reduces the risk of several serious health conditions and boosts our vitamin D levels. Today we have replaced sunlight with electric bulbs, but electric bulbs cannot replace many of the benefits that come with sunlight.