Indian Heritage

India is one of the oldest and richest civilizations in the world. Ancient Indians were skillful, knowledgeable and technically more advanced than people from other civilizations during that period of time. They made splendid achievements in diverse fields including Science & Technology, Mathematics, Art & Architecture, Literature & Philosophy, Engineering & Metallurgy and lots more. At that time, the world’s renowned Astronomers, Engineers, Architects, Mathematicians, Scientists, Scholars, etc. were from India.

Unlike many Indians from current generation who only talk big and think great about themselves, the ancient Indians let their work speak for themselves.

The current generation has lot to learn from the glorious past of India. The Heritage section of presents you with the most remarkable achievements of ancient India, with a view that the stories from our history would inspire and motivate us to achieve excellence in our respective fields.

Religions Born in India

Tracing religious existence in the Indian subcontinent is very difficult and is a debatable issue. The oldest signs of religion in India are from Indus valley civilization. The religion followed by the Indus valley people cannot be said exactly. But according to the available evidences, it has more similarities to Vedic civilization. There are four […]


Most Respected Gurus in India

Mahatma Gandhi said, a Guru is a perfect person with perfect knowledge. India is blessed to have more than few such Gurus. This article is a tribute to the most respected Indian Gurus for their contribution to spirituality and to the society as a whole

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