Erratic Rainfalls Impact on Indian Farmers

In India, farming contributes greatly to the overall economy and about 50 percent of the people residing in the sub-continent are employed in the agricultural sector. This, by itself, speaks volumes of how important agriculture is to the country’s economy. Since times immemorial, India has been an agricultural economy. In the distant past, the farmers […]

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Climate Change With Respect To India

Climate change, which is directly attributable to global warming, is gravely impacting all regions of the World, with India obviously being no exception to that. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has come out with a report highlighting the dire consequence to be faced by the planet if global warming is not controlled. This […]

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Global Warming – Impact In India

A recently carried out study throws light on the fact that the pace at which global warming is happening is more rapid than that predicted. It has been forecast that due to global warming, there’ll be about 1.5 degrees rise in temperature in the next 10-15 years, worldwide. The fact that the same would create […]

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Automation in Business Processes Brings More Credibility

Business process is a set of activity that works to achieve a target of an organization. Business process can be treated as a structure planning, execution and distribution of work, so that the delivery of service can be made to a client. Types of Business Process Management Process Management process deals with the business procedure […]

Poor Performance of India at the Olympics

India is a cricket crazy nation and there is no denying the fact that India has fared considerably well in the sport over the years. But cricket is hardly played in 10-15 countries around the world. Any country certainly would not want to be branded as a single sport country. To earn the respect of […]

Benefits of Sports in Holistic Education

Education is an ornament in prosperity and refuge in adversity – Aristotle Education is considered a basic requirement in any individual’s life. Education doesn’t just imply studying and acquiring knowledge, it is just one facet of education as it is related to mental activity. Real education comprises of balance of both mental activity and physical […]

Indian BPO Sector Losing Market Share

Though India has been regarded as ‘world’s back office’ with a huge call center boom for the past ten years, the pride of India being the hub of BPO sector seems to be short lived. The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector in India, successful in seizing links with the global economy is constantly losing out […]

Good Family Upbringing Develops Strong Soft Skills in Kids?

Of late, Indian companies have started expecting new job applicants to already posses the right set of soft skills from the day one they join the company instead of training new employees on these skills. According to NASSCOM, every year over 3 million people (graduates and post-graduates) are added to the workforce in India. Of […]

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Human Nature is Funny – It Seeks What is Uncommon

People are more interested about the things, which they don’t have. As it is said that grass always looks more greener on other side, human nature seeks what is uncommon. The two common examples mentioned here may help you understand better about the different perceptions of people in a precise way.