Personal Financial Planning

How to Handle Your First Pay Hike?

Got a pay hike? You are tempted to think more cash in hand, more surplus to spend. If you get carried away by such attitude, you are ruining your finances. We have a guide on ‘what to do with your pay hike’. It will help you use your surplus income effectively.

Stages in Personal Finance – Step by Step Process to Get Control of Your Financial Situation

Indian middle class is growing significantly in the recent past. Lakhs of people from poor and lower middle class are getting into middle class – thanks to rapid economic growth spurred by outsourcing of jobs to India. Though many of them are earning decent income, they are struggling to manage their money properly. Most people […]

8 Mistakes that Lead People to a Bad Financial Situation

Are you happy with your personal finance? Are you able to manage your money properly? If not, don’t worry. This article will help you point out your mistakes with your personal finance. Many people like you, though earn a good salary, often struggle with their personal financial planning. In India, you can see many middle […]

4 Things to do Before Investing in Stock Market

It is easy to get driven by plethora of financial advertisements and articles about various products offered by many financial companies and banks. Every individual should have his own financial needs mapped out and then schedule the financial savings/investments in that order. But how do you do it?

Hybrid Life Insurance Products Can Lead to the Risk of Being Under-Insured

Today insurance advertisements abound with attractive offers. Life insurance companies are luring customers with many policies like money back, endowment, Unit-Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) etc. But are they really helpful? Afraid not. Many people often get carried away by policies that offer cash back after the maturity period. They assume that it is a good […]

Common Mistakes While Doing Risk Mitigation in Personal Finance

A cover that reduces either the probability or consequence of threat to the financial safeguard of a person (that may follow in the event of exigencies such as the demise of the individual in a road accident etc.) is referred to as ‘risk mitigation’. The rising cost of healthcare has made it necessary for every […]

5 Things to Check Before Selecting a Mutual Fund Scheme

With the emergence of different types of mutual funds, investors feel difficult to select the right mutual fund scheme, that is, the one that suits their needs best. There are many mutual fund beginners who started investing without having proper knowledge. These people consider investing just by seeing newspapers and magazine ads that present the […]

Term Insurance is Best – Online is the Most Convenient Way to Buy Term Insurance

How many of you have thought of buying term insurance and were told to opt for money back policies? Well, in spite of all this misguidance, some of you might have strongly decided to take term life insurance. But, how many of you are still chasing the insurance agents to fill the form, to get […]

Are You Lazy About Your Money? – Mistakes People Make

It is not always that lack of knowledge is a factor for not taking care of money properly. Most people are lazy about how they handle money. We will touch upon some money mistakes people make, whether they are rich or not. Keeping large amounts in savings accounts, which earn less than 4% p.a. This […]

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Personal Budget?

Having a planned personal budget and following it daily will surely help you meet your financial needs. Personal budget is a tool that helps you have control over your money. It gives an idea of how much you can afford for your various needs. It will enable you to determine whether a certain purchase will […]

Insurance Vs. Savings – Which One to do First?

Many earning individuals confuse with regard to their finances. This is especially so in early stage of your career. You don’t understand what to do with your surplus-income. Many people are in dilemma, whether to start with a savings plan or to buy insurance. In such a case, this article will help you understand what […]

Important Insurance Policies You Need to Consider in India

Indian insurance market is flourishing with different kinds of insurance policies. There are many public and private players offering services in health and life insurance sector, launching new kinds of insurance products for financial needs. Earlier, LIC was the only insurance company that dominated the Indian insurance marker for a good number of years. At […]

Different Types of Insurance Riders Available in India

Awareness on benefits of insurance policies is growing rapidly among the employed individuals in India. This is leading to increased participation of more public, private and foreign investments in insurance sector in India. The insurance company in India has grown from 11 life and 11 general insurers in 2001 to 24 life and 25 general […]

Why You Should Not Neglect Medical Insurance?

We are all aware of the saying ‘Health is wealth’. Some of us follow and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. But remember, even after taking all necessary precautions, we are at the risk of falling ill or meeting with an accident – we never know when a medical catastrophe arises. We should always be prepared to […]


Importance of Medical Tests Before Buying Medical Insurance

A commonplace advertisement from insurance companies is ‘no medical tests required to purchase an insurance policy’. People are attracted to the convenience of no-test policy compared to the one that requires all medical tests. But is it really right to purchase a policy without knowing your health condition? Every individual going to buy an insurance […]