Personal Financial Planning

What is an Asset?

When asked this question, people are confused between ‘possessions’ and ‘assets’. Your home, vehicle, jewellery are not assets. A good definition of the term ‘asset’ is something that has the ability to generate income. This is how a financially intelligent and knowledgeable person defines an asset. It is nothing but a personal possession that has […]

Top 10 Books on Personal Finance

Many people entering the workforce today are making money, but are struggling to manage it. For many, personal finance is a mystery. They struggle to understand the basic personal finance principles, concepts and ideas. Are you one of those who are struggling to manage money? Then seek assistance from the experts in the field. Read […]

Five things Your Wealth Adviser Won’t Tell You

The number of financial advisers, wealth managers and private bankers is increasing proportionality with the increase in the number of wealthy people all over in India. Earlier, various small banks and financial institutions have been used for managing money of these wealthy people. Later wealth management services have come up with wealth managers and financial […]

Gurus of Personal Finance

Some personal finance experts are popular all over the world because of their principles, concepts and ideas. They have shared their expertise on money management and saving techniques through their books and lectures. These authors have helped people live financially comfortable life by providing easy to follow techniques. We will have a glimpse of some […]

5 Budgeting Tips for Lazy People

The budget is the only tool that helps you understand your spending and saving. If you want your spending to be under control, pay-off your debt quickly and manage money properly, you need to have a written home budget. Lazy people don’t track their expenses properly and thus struggle with their finances. This article is […]