Variable Recurring Deposit – Best Saving Product for Salaried People

Looking for a good option to save money every month? Consider variable recurring deposit that offers you flexibility to save whatever amount you can. It’s moreover safe and gives good interest rate better than any other option including chits, savings deposits, recurring deposits and post office savings. Discover the benefits of Variable Recurring Deposit in this article.

Emergency Cash Gives You Mental Peace

Human life is uncertain. We never know when there will be an urgent need for money. Money in pocket gives you confidence and makes you feel more confident to face unexpected events. Once people understand the concept of emergency cash and its ability to offer mental peace, they most likely will start setting aside emergency cash.

Difference Between a Miser and a Frugal

People often consider frugality as kind of miserliness. But there is a big difference between a miser and a frugal. A miser with stingy behaviour always thinks about hoarding money and doesn’t buy even some essentials due to addiction of saving and reluctance to spending. But frugal living is something that makes you feel happy […]

How to Save Money – Secrets You Must Know

Looking for ways to save money? Here are some tips on how to save money. They are simple and effective in helping you start saving money that works well in real life


Saving Money – How to Organize Expenses

In the earlier article ‘How to save money‘, we discussed about how important it is to be aware of your spending in order to achieve financial success. Here we will learn about the nuances of the expenses we make and how to organize them to understand our actual living expenses. In order to understand your […]

Best Ways to Save Money – Easy to Implement

To many people, savings is an absolute sacrifice as if it strips them off things invaluable! You need not sacrifice anything to save money. Small adjustments to your lifestyle can save you a lot of money. You just need to follow and implement them in your day to day life. Here are the easiest ways to save money.

4 Habits that Help You Gain the Ability to Save Money

Ability to save money is a basic skill that every individual should possess. This skill can be built only when you follow certain important steps, having internal motivation and positive attitude. In order to acquire the ability to save money, you need to inculcate some habits that may be painful but will help you reach […]

Best Money Saving Schemes Available in India

With persistently changing financial market scenario and increasing number of banks, financial institutions, online resources that give ample opportunities for savings, many people in India are unable to decide the right place to save their surpluses to meet future financial obligations. Hence, people are seeking advise on the most suitable and workable saving methods from […]

A Sure Way to Save a Lot of Money is to Live Below Your Means

“Income may be temporary and uncertain but as long as you live expense is constant, certain and keeps growing” -Benjamin Franklin* Living below your means, first saving some portion of your income and then accommodating your lifestyle with the rest of your income. Most people mistakenly believe they understand what it is to live below […]

Are You Addicted to Purchasing Expensive Brands?

There are many people around us who are addicted to buying expensive brands. You can find many of them in Indian middle & upper class families. These people spend money on expensive brands to project a situation that is better than their real situation to impress people (friends/relatives/neighbours) with their material possessions. They think low-priced […]

Inflation – The Killer of Savings

Inflation is a global phenomenon. Inflation is a word that scares the middle class working for fixed incomes. Inflation, as understood is a persistent rise in prices of goods and services. It erodes the purchasing power of money. As a consequence of inflation, fewer quantities of goods and services can be bought with the same […]

Savings Addiction – Are You One of Those Spending More Trying to Save Money?

Savings addiction is a rapidly growing concern mostly seen in urban areas. There are people who overspend money on items that are on discount or sale. They become addicted to this purchasing behaviour and buy things they don’t actually need or use

Save a Little Every Day to Keep Debt Away

Savings are essential to meet future financial emergencies. Without savings, you will be forced into debt during emergencies. You therefore, need to inculcate money saving habits. Save a little every day. The little amount you save will help you tackle financial emergencies. Saving money is not at all a difficult task. This article will help […]

Help Your Children Understand the Importance of Money

Today’s schools have many things to teach students on various subjects like History, Geography, English, Science, Mathematics and the list goes on. But there is no such school that teaches students on money management concepts like how to save money, how to spend money, how to manage money, etc. So, it is the responsibility of […]

Are Chits Really Beneficial? – Chit Funds vs. Fixed Deposits in Banks

Chits are suitable only for people who either don’t report their income, who work in unorganized sector or those who have no access to other investment options. In this article, we will compare chit funds with fixed deposits, considered as one of the best investment options and see which investment option is better.