Personal Productivity

Role Of Soft Skills In A Person’s Career

Soft skills represent a fundamental attribute that today’s knowledge based economy is demanding of its employers, employees and businesses. Soft skills give the opportunity to enhance organizational skills and leadership skills to improve team results. If you are perceived to be difficult and unfriendly, of what value are your hard skills when nobody is ready […]

Pens and the Romance of the Educated with Pens

Pen occupies a special place in the minds of educated people. Pens are also a symbol of knowledge and mark of humanity. As a key productivity tool for a common educated man, the pens have become the integral part of his life. People have attraction towards pens, as they are associated with ideas and constant […]


Pens and Stationery Items—An educated person’s productivity tools

Pens are the indispensable friend for any educated person. The writing of a person speaks volumes about him and his personality. The intellectuals take pleasure in their Pens much in the similar way as soldiers take efforts in maintenance of their arms and sportsmen in their sporting gears. Many great ideas and thoughts that changed […]