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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Borrowing Personal Loans

For many people, personal loans seem to be more attractive options than any other forms of credit. Because, these are offered without providing any security and are easily available if you have decent income flow. As these loans are called as all-purpose loans, they can help you do many things – buy a car, house […]

Learn to Live Debt-Free Life from Germans

For many people in India, debt is a part of life. They take debt for almost everything – from purchasing a small home appliance to a luxury car; a small party at home to a wedding reception and the list goes on. They feel debt as an acceptable way of living. But, there is a […]

Why Consider Personal Loan as a Last Option?

Today, many people are availing personal loans irrespective of the need. Though personal loans are given purely on the basis of income flow, they have their relevance. You need to use them with care. Unlike home loans, these loans are given for a short period of time and without a security, hence they are very […]

Seven Smart Ways to Use Your Credit Card Wisely

Credit cards are very popular among people today as they offer flexible payment options. They offer the convenience of not carrying the cash. However, you need to use them wisely by limiting the number of times you use, because with each use, you are borrowing money that you have to repay. If you are unable […]

Can You Handle Money When it is in Your Pocket?

A miser grows rich by seeming poor. An extravagant man grows poor by seeming rich – William Shakespeare There are many people who have a great talent for spending money – their pockets become empty within a few days after getting salary. Rest of the month, they have no/little money left to use for important […]

Risks and Dangers of Taking Personal Loans

In certain circumstances when you need huge amounts of money urgently, personal loan looks like a good option to consider. Generally, personal loans indicate requiring an amount that you cannot pay in short-term. If you could pay it, credit card is a better option as you can pay off the entire outstanding amount at once. […]

Why People Get Into Debt-Trap?

Debt is like any other trap, easy enough to get into, but hard enough to get out of – Henry Wheeler Shaw Today, we can see many people getting into debt trap for many reasons. Some of them get into debt just because of careless spending, while others because of lack of personal financial planning. […]

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

In the past, people used to find debt as an assistance to accomplish the need or to survive at hard times. But these days, people are inviting debt at all times in their life. The lack of knowledge about how money works and lack of importance of personal finance makes people to get into debt. So, we believe that debt is good only at times in compulsion or financial difficulties

Why People Become Spendthrift?

Spendthrift is a person careless with his money. He spends money carelessly to get instant gratification and is not worried of how his bills or debt will be paid in future. This uncontrolled spending behavior has an underlying psychological or emotional motivation. Know why people become spendthrifts in this article

How You Became a Spendthrift and What You Can Do About It?

When it comes to spending, majority of the people become spendthrifts and repeat the same behavior facing difficulty with increase in risk of debt which in turn increases their mental anxiety. A spendthrift knowingly or unknowingly wastes his money towards his excessive/frivolous spending habits and faces unexpected financial hardships. Moreover, in this materialistic world with […]

Save a Little Every Day to Keep Debt Away

Savings are essential to meet future financial emergencies. Without savings, you will be forced into debt during emergencies. You therefore, need to inculcate money saving habits. Save a little every day. The little amount you save will help you tackle financial emergencies. Saving money is not at all a difficult task. This article will help […]

Five Places Where You Should Not Use Your Credit Card

In recent years, the number of credit card fraud cases is on the rise. The major reason behind it is the careless attitude of people in handling credit cards. In this article we share with you, some places where you should avoid using credit cards and take necessary precautions, so that you do not fall […]

Are Chits Really Beneficial?

Today almost every middle class family is aware of chits. Most of them invest in chits thinking that they are a good investment option. In this article, let’s see whether they are really so.

Simple Steps to Get Rid of Your Multiple Credit Card Debt

Credit cards are very common among people today. Though some people use them sensibly, many struggle to use them properly and usually get into debt. One of the main reasons why people struggle is that they take multiple credit cards. The more they have the more credit options, so they start purchasing things impulsively and […]

How do You Shop – Are You into Shopping Addiction?

We generally buy something when we need it. But there are some people who buy things even when they are not required or buy more than what actually is required. Most of them buy for status or to make themselves feel superior. Purchasing makes them feel good about themselves for a few hours. They are […]