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Swami Samarth Ramdas – A Brief Introduction

Between the 13th and the 17th century, there were many eminent saints in the Maharashtra region. Eknath, Namdev, Tukaram, and Samarth Ramdas were some of these great souls. The teachings of these saints have not lost their relevance even to this day. This particular article is going to speak about Samarth Ramdas. Swami Samarth Ramdas […]

Handy Tips To Help Create Nice Looking Miniature Garden

A miniature garden works literally like a garden that is creatively designed but on a tiny scale. As families are struggling to deal with a world that has been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, gardening has evolved into one of the crucial activities that people can indulge in when they want to chase the […]

Best Books on Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics or ganith is the collective name given to the set of sixteen mathematical Sutras (formulae) re-discovered in early 20th century . Each formula deals with the various branches of mathematics, with which any mathematical problem – be it arithmetic, trigonometry, algebra or geometry – can be solved orally. Once you turn the last […]

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Meditation – What Is It? Benefits Of Meditation

Our mind is a storage that can store any amount of information. It is never stable. It has immense power to think in all directions. Once we are awake, the conscious part of our mind works that helps us to think about what’s happening around us.

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Importance Of Immune System In Fight Against Diseases

Everyone is aware of the importance of the immune system in fighting against diseases and keeping the body protected and helping you stay healthy. If there is no immune system, all the microorganisms will be able to invade your body and cause frequent infections.

Reasons Why Organic Foods Are Worth It, Despite Being Costlier

Are you already buying organic food, but concerned about the higher cost? Are you still trying to decide on whether you should buy organic food at such ‘high prices’? Whatever be your situation, the most common argument against organic foods is that it is costlier compared to its non-organic counterpart. It sure sounds like something […]

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Gardening To Improve Your Well Being

When it comes to improving physical and mental well being, there are few things that can work as brilliantly as gardening. Studies have been conducted on people who indulge in gardening and those who don’t and this has made it possible for scientists and researchers to find out that people who take up gardening as […]

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Food Processing Industry in India

Prior to focusing on current trends of the food processing industry in India, it won’t be inappropriate to succinctly speak of history of the sector. It was about four decades back that food processing industry of the sub-continent started to display growth for the first time. In that initial phase, processing of milk, rice and […]

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 (2017) Features The old classic Nokia 3310 which is an all time favorite for many, is going to come back in revised model with 2.40-inch display and a resolution of 240 x 320. It is a dual SIM (GSM + GSM) with 16GB internal storage that can be expandable up to 32GB via […]


Tips for Better Gardening

Gardening is such a wonderful and creative activity to be in touch with nature. And the person who involves himself in the activity of doing gardening can be considered as gardener. A gardener is a experienced person who knows very well that which kind of land will be suitable for doing gardening. What should be […]


Is aluminum engine better than cast iron engine?

In a car, material plays important role and the overall value that we spend on material is about 47% of the total car cost. Among the materials used, metals have a larger portion, as they are used in making body, chassis, engine, and other parts. Previously cast iron was largely used in car manufacturing but […]

Base model cars vs Added feature cars

We all know that car is basically a luxury item, and it makes no sense on spending additional money for features that are integrated only in higher models. People get really confused while buying a car, whether to go with base model or opt for added feature models with substantial difference in price of nearly […]

Steel Wheels Vs Alloy Wheels

Wheel is considered to be the greatest invention in human life and they are the main source of moving for vehicles from one place to another. A wheel is made up of a rim and a tire which rotates by an axle to move the vehicle forward or backward. Whether it is a new vehicle […]

Android OS in Different Smart Phone Manufacturers

When we see smart phones from different manufacturers, we notice them having different features and interfaces but containing the same specification of Android as common OS. The reason for difference in the interface is, Google Android is an open source software comprising not only operating system but also middle-ware and key applications. So, manufacturers like […]

Investing in Silver – Good or bad?

Not many people in India will have the appetite for buying silver as an investment, even though it is the one of the costliest metals after gold. May be, that is the reason why there has been no silver ETFs in India so far and it is a big disadvantage as they are the best ways to invest in precious metals.