Unimpressive First Experience With Kindle Reader

The Kindle Reader has been considered by many as something that revolutionized book reading where people are enabled to store thousands of books at a single location. With this reader, you have quick access to read a lot of books though mostly at a price; you are never distant from your favorite books. I also […]

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Advantages of Air Circulator Fans

Does your industrial plant or a warehouse / distribution center feels stuffy or hot? If it’s true, then your location needs a wall mounted air dissemination fans. In this article, we will discuss why these cooling fans might be something you need to purchase and introduce in your location. Here are two or three the […]

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Tips to Improve Air Quality of Your Home

The term Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) usually denotes the air quality within and around your property. The heath and comfort of the occupants of a particular property depends much on its IAQ. Though, we are not concerned about the indoor pollution but exposure to it affects health sooner or later. Understanding and improving indoor air […]

Top Selling Smartphones in India

A smartphone refers to the mobile PC, technically loaded with more features than a regular phone. Most of the smartphones have operating system (iOS, Android & Windows ) run by processors (MediaTek and Snapdragon ) and have ability to make voice and video calls communicating through 1G, 2G (edge), 3G, present its 4G based on […]


Nokia as Pure Play Android Phone

Nokia has decided to partnership with Google for its Nokia Android smartphones. To offer pure Android experience to users, Nokia has decided to go with stock Android in some of its global variant phones of Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. Safe, secure and timely roll out of updates sets Nokia apart from other smartphones.


4G Terminologies like LTE, LTE-A and VoLTE

LTE The fullform of LTE is Long Term Evolution. I call LTE as 3.9G. I called it so, because whenever your phone shows 4G it doesn’t exactly mean 4G. ITU-R prescribed the speed of 4G which were impossible to reach despite the fact that Telcos spent a lot of money in the infrastructure. So, a […]

Nokia 230

Nokia 230 key Specifications Device type Feature phone OS Dimensions 4.91×2.10×0.43 inches (124.6×53.4xx10.9mm) Body Plastic; Accents: Aluminium Colors Display Physical size 2.8 inches, 240×320 pixels resolution Cellular GSM:900,1800MHz 2G Data: EDGE, GPRS System Chip Memory 0.004 GB RAM Storage expansion MicroSD, microSDHC upto 32 GB Internet Browsing Opera mini browser Battery capacity 1200mAh, average talk […]


Nokia 150

Nokia 150 Features Nokia 150, the single SIM and Dual SIM models were launched in December 2016. It has a 2.4 inch screen with resolution of 240 x 320. Like Nokia 3310 model, the phone is a featured phone with no WiFi, touchscreen option and support for 3G & 4G. Nokia 150 runs Series 30 […]


Nokia 3

Nokia 3 key Features Nokia 3 is a bit low-end smartphone than the other two new models, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 which were announced earlier this year. It has 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage which can be expandable to 128GB using a microSD card. The phone has smaller 5.00-inch touchscreen Corning Gorilla […]


Nokia 5

Nokia 5 Features The Nokia 5 is lot like Nokia 6 in its solid & study build except that it has curved edges which makes it more attractive. It is a dual SIM with 5.2-inch HD (720 pixel) IPS display, powered by 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 3,000mAh non-removable battery and Qualcomm痴 Snapdragon 430 […]

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Nokia Re-Enters Mobile Phone Market

Nokia is coming back into mobile market after a long period of waiting of non-compete agreement with Microsoft. Nokia was a pioneer in the mobile phone market because of its long lasting battery, reliability and good reception. Nokia phones are well known for their sturdy handset design and durability. Unfortunately, it had trouble maintaining its […]

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Nokia 6

The Nokia 6 dual SIM (GSM + CDMA) smartphone which was announced early this year is already been in Chinese market for two months now. While the global version will have some small tweaks from Chinese variant in terms of OS and specifications, the basic features such as display, processor and camera features will be identical. […]

Buying an Air-Conditioner for first timers and repeat buyers

As salaries have increased since the early 1990’s, the prices of the ACs have also fallen, what was a ultra luxury item has now came within the reach of middle class in India. Buying and properly operating an AC is not something that comes naturally to most of the middle class people in India. Though […]

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Importance of Ventilation Systems for Underground Parking

Car parking in shopping malls are usually underground and are almost closed in all directions. So, these places in malls require a good ventilation system for removal of exhaust gases produced and to provide fresh air inside the parking space before a person gets suffocated. Most of the shopping complexes in Hyderabad lack a good […]

Android OS in Different Smart Phone Manufacturers

When we see smart phones from different manufacturers, we notice them having different features and interfaces but containing the same specification of Android as common OS. The reason for difference in the interface is, Google Android is an open source software comprising not only operating system but also middle-ware and key applications. So, manufacturers like […]