International Yoga Day and Its Significance of Indian Heritage

June 21 has been declared as the “International Day of Yoga”, considering the appeal made by Narendra Modi at the UN general assembly and in recognition of the importance of yoga. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that helps in the transformation of your body and mind. Yoga has Indian heritage values.


Ashtanga Yoga is Much More than Physical Postures or Asanas

Most of the people perceive that Yoga is all about physical postures and exercises meant for physical fitness. In fact the first ancient reference Patanjali’s Ashtanga (eight stages or limbs of) Yoga gives both physical and mental fitness and helps to shape the individual behavior.


Yoga Terms and Definitions

The main sources of yoga are texts from ancient India. All these texts are in Sanskrit. So, it is difficult to understand. Some words are very important and are most commonly used. Now we will take a look at them. Ahimsa: Means non-violence. Ahimsa means no appearance of anger and not causing injury to other […]


Hatha Yoga Origin and Evolution

The word yoga was first used in the Rig Veda but not clearly explained. Patanjali introduced Ashtanga (eight limbs) yoga and the Asanas are part of Patanjali yoga. Hatha yoga focuses on the Asanas and Pranayama parts. Hatha is a Sanskrit word. “Hatha” means forceful or willful. And some people describe this as ‘ha’ means […]


Pranayama for Stress Management

Pranayama is a technique to control breath. “Prana” means breath, “Ayama” means control. It is a simple process of systematic and rhythmic inhalation and exhalation that help us to attain control over our emotions. Many of us consider breathing as a natural process. But in fact to lead a healthy and stress-free life, we need […]