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Tips for Giving Perfect Wedding Gift

By lscuser21

“Gift-giving is part of the culture no matter where you are and no matter how long you stay.” – Christalyn Brannen Weddings!!! The grand ceremony to attend to meet so many people from your social circles like friends and relatives. The most important persons of a wedding are the bride and groom, i.e. the couple. […]

Wedding Gift Ideas For Indian Couples

By lscuser21

Wedding events happen to be some of the most socially celebrated occasions in India. However, when it comes to choosing a gift for the couple, many tend to face a dilemma in getting the right idea for choosing a good gift. In India, the concept of gift registry has not yet gained popularity. So unlike […]

Everything Gifts – Ideas & More

By lscuser21

There is nothing more pleasurable than giving and receiving gifts. The flow of affections between people is seen during the purchasing, exchanging and opening of gifts. Ideas, advice and tips about gifts and gifting Whatever be the gift that you are planning to give, you may find something to make your task easier on the […]

Cultivating Right Habits In Kids About Gifting

By lscuser21

Cultivating the right gifting habits in kids can be a rewarding pursuit for both parents and children. It leads to the development of generosity when children learn to gift early in their lives. It is for this reason that children should be involved in charitable activities from an early age. The children also learn how […]

Gift Registry: Why Not Popular In India?

By lscuser21

The concept of a gift registry is relatively new in India. Although the trend of presenting wedding gifts through these registries has gained popularity in the West, it is yet to pick up pace in India. Why have gift registries not been popular in India? This may have to do with either lack of exposure […]

Birthday Gifts For Your Kids – Do’s And Don’ts

By lscuser21

Celebrating your kid’s birthday may turn out to be an overwhelming pursuit. Particularly, when you think of the gifts, several random thoughts play in your mind. Well, the secret is to keep things simple. You need not invite too many kids or arrange for a grand meal to celebrate the day. Here, you will come […]

Joy Of Giving Gifts

By lscuser21

Giving gifts to people you know or care, is one of life’s gratifying pursuits. You might be one of the people, who finds immense pleasure in presenting people with gifts. Well, not every happiness is about indulging yourself. A gift goes a long way, not only does it make the recipient happy but it also […]

5 Tips To Choose Gifts For Loved Ones

By LS-User15

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” We all have faced the situation of struggling to find a suitable gift for our loved ones. An occasion like birthdays, festivals, marriages and anniversaries is delightful to celebrate but there is a catch as what gift to give.  There so many options […]

Why Gift Giving Is Important And Reasons To Give Gifts

By lscuser21

Presenting somebody with a gift resonates with an essence of gratification. The sensation you get while giving a gift comes from deep within your heart. It is not a chore, and you would be willing to present a gift without anything in return. The key motive to gift someone is to make the person feel […]

Tips For Choosing Gifts That Are Liked By The Receivers

By lscuser21

Choosing the perfect gift for a recipient may land you up in a dilemma. People often get confused, while choosing gifts for their close friends, special ones or other acquaintances. You keep thinking whether or not the person would actually like your gift. Besides, people tend to think of gifts that would be of some […]