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Sleep Deprivation – A Root Cause of Many Health Disorders


Sleep Deprivation means, not being to have enough sleep. It is a very common disorder and a sleep medication in today’ people. This leads the people to various major health disorders. It’s shocking to know that 93% of people in India are sleep deprived, according to a survey.

Positive Effects of Pranayama on Stress


Pranayama – A technique of relaxation mostly used for relieving stress. It simply means ‘control of the life force’, that overcomes stress easily. It is the basic technique for any of the yoga exercises. In this article we discuss the importance and the types of pranayama that reduces stress.

5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Health & Wellness

By lscuser21

Everybody wants to be healthy. Healthy does not always means free from diseases. To achieve a healthy and fulfilling life sometimes you have to make conscious efforts. Then only you will be able to accomplish a complete a physical, mental and social well-being. Maintaining certain level of wellness is essential to live higher quality of […]

Are you using the right cinnamon in your cooking?

By lscuser21

Many people really adore using cinnamon in their cooking as it adds an extra touch of sweetness to their recipes. It also occupies a special place in traditional treatments as people believe that cinnamon mixed with honey when taken will cure many general health ailments. However, we need to be very cautious while using it […]

Sugar substitutes: An easy to understand summary of most important key facts

By lscuser21

In general, people have addiction to the taste of sugar and most of them find it difficult to control their craving for sweets and baked foods. Lately, with the increase in health issues, many of us are understanding the dangers of sugar intake with rich calories and are looking for alternative choices of food sweeteners. […]

Importance of Sunlight


Studies have shown that sunlight gives us specific health benefits both directly and indirectly. A sensible amount of sunlight reduces the risk of several serious health conditions and boosts our vitamin D levels. Today we have replaced sunlight with electric bulbs, but electric bulbs cannot replace many of the benefits that come with sunlight.

Important Numbers You Need to Know to Keep Your Heart Healthy


“Numbers” refer to key markers to ensure a healthy heart. The most important numbers to know and monitor are blood pressure levels, cholesterol levels, and diabetes. When you monitor and keep a tab on these numbers, it keeps your heart healthy.

Physical Exercises to Relieve Stress


Physical exercise can act as a powerful tool for relieving stress. Regular exercise not only reduces stress but also improves mental health. This article is about physical exercises that helps in reducing stress.

Vitamin D Deficiency – A Common Health Problem Today


People who are vitamin D deficient may not have any obvious symptoms, but serious deficiency of vitamin D can result in major health issues. Vitamin D is manufactured in the skin by exposure to sun. Health professionals recommend to expose to sunlight for atleast 15-20 minutes daily, so that body meets the required levels of vitamin D.

Mouth Ulcers – Is it Due to Overheat or Vitamin B12 Deficiency?


Many of us believe that mouth ulcers are due to overheat of the body, which is not true. Science has proved that mouth ulcers are due to vitamin B12 deficiency. In this article, we have discussed on the causes for mouth ulcers and how it can be prevented.

What Causes Gum Problems?


Gums play an important role in your oral health, if gums are not cleaned it will lead to built up of plaque. The bacteria in the plaque converts left over food particles in to acid and causes problems like tooth ache, bleeding from gums, tooth decay and even tooth loss. Read this article to know the causes of gum problems.

All You Need to Know About Brushing Your Teeth


Brushing is the first and most important thing we do every day. Surprisingly many of us don’t know how to choose a toothbrush, how to brush the right way, when to change the toothbrush and the like. Read this article to get complete clarity on this topic.

Food That is Good for Your Teeth


Proper diet can help you in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. Keep a note on what food you eat, as it impacts your teeth and gums on a whole. Read this article to know about the foods that are good for your oral health

All About Sensitive Teeth


If your teeth are hurting or paining when you are consuming hot or cold, sweet or sour food and drinks, it means that your teeth needs help. Check with the dentist, as this could be the early sign of sensitivity.

Enjoy Flavor and Health as Well with Spicy Foods

By mcras2

Can you imagine a delicious Indian recipe without the addition of spices? Definitely not. As commonly known, spices are usually used in foods as additives to give flavor, make the dish tasty and to add color to the dishes. Also, there is a common unnecessary belief that spicy foods promote ill-health. However, an interesting thing […]