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India needs to be Indebted to Ram Dass (alias Richard Alpert)

By LS-User15

Ram Dass researched on the traditions, religions and philosophies of India. Through his foundations he is teaching to change the attitude of the prisoners and clarifying the doubts of spiritual seekers with the knowledge he learned from his guru and from the researches. His way of scientific presentation in the books and tapes makes Indian […]

India needs to be Indebted to Paul Brunton

By LS-User15

Paul Brunton was a famous spiritual philosopher. He introduced Indian spiritual philosophy, culture and sages to the Westerners. So many people were inspired with his literature around the world. An example is Georg Feuerstein, a German indologist, who authored and translated over 30 books related to India like Yoga, Bhagavad Gita, Hinduism etc. He said […]

Teachings of Religions Born in India

By LS-User15

There are four religions that were born and flourished in India. They expanded beyond the Indian subcontinent. The teachings of these religions are mostly from ancient philosophies and in the way of leading life peacefully. Hinduism The exact roots of the Hinduism are not clearly known, and it was not established by any single person. […]

Religions Born in India

By LS-User15

Tracing religious existence in the Indian subcontinent is very difficult and is a debatable issue. The oldest signs of religion in India are from Indus valley civilization. The religion followed by the Indus valley people cannot be said exactly. But according to the available evidences, it has more similarities to Vedic civilization. There are four […]

Most Respected Gurus in India

By LS-User15

Mahatma Gandhi said, a Guru is a perfect person with perfect knowledge. India is blessed to have more than few such Gurus. This article is a tribute to the most respected Indian Gurus for their contribution to spirituality and to the society as a whole

Schizophrenia Can Be Treated: Indian Psychiatric Society

By mcras2

Schizophrenia is a kind of mental disorder which mostly effects young adults. The people suffering from this disorder fail to distinguish between the real and unreal experiences. They find it difficult to think logically and have abnormal emotional responses. Around 1% of the world’s population is getting affected by Schizophrenia, every year. There are no […]

95000 Adolescents Infected by HIV in India: UNICEF

By mcras2

HIV/AIDS is a dreadful disease, which has already taken away a major share of population in the world and is still continuing to do the same. Despite numerous measures taken, recent studies suggest that this virus is still prevailing, affecting more and more number of people every day. According to the latest global report released […]