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Discovering Indian Heritage Without Negative Bias

By mcras2

We Indians even after 67 years of Independence are still living with the influence of Colonial rule. It’s high time we change our colonial mindset and get some true inspiration from revisiting Indian heritage.

The Rustless Wonder – The Great Indian Iron Pillar of Gupta Dynasty

By mcras2

What would you call a 1600 year old metallic structure weighing more than six tonnes made of pure iron exposed to the harsh weather and shows no signs of rusting? Know more about this Scientific Wonder, showcasing the advancement of metallurgical prowess of Indians in the Golden Age of India.

Teachings of Religions Born in India

By LS-User15

There are four religions that were born and flourished in India. They expanded beyond the Indian subcontinent. The teachings of these religions are mostly from ancient philosophies and in the way of leading life peacefully. Hinduism The exact roots of the Hinduism are not clearly known, and it was not established by any single person. […]

Most Respected Gurus in India

By LS-User15

Mahatma Gandhi said, a Guru is a perfect person with perfect knowledge. India is blessed to have more than few such Gurus. This article is a tribute to the most respected Indian Gurus for their contribution to spirituality and to the society as a whole