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Removing Fear Of Math In Children

By lscuser21

The fear of math is one of the major issues that many students face. In quite a few cases; this particular fear escalates into full-blown panic attacks displaying physical symptoms.

Benefits of Vedic Mathematics

By lscuser21

The word Vedic Mathematics is derived from two words which are Veda and Ganitha, where ‘Veda’ means knowledge and ‘Ganitha’ means Mathematics. It is based on sixteen sutras (formulae) and thirteen sub-sutras (corollaries). The application of sutras in operation saves a lot of time and effort in solving the different mathematical problems, as compared to […]

The History And Context Of Vedic Mathematics

By lscuser21

Today, there is widespread awareness that the decimal system was discovered by the Hindus and it went to Europe to the Romans and Greeks from the Arabian area. So the Greeks and Romans called it the Hindu-Arabic numeric system. The numeric system makes many math calculations easy by having a single digit for a decimal […]

What Is Vedic Maths? How Is It Different?

By lscuser21

Vedic maths is a modern re-discovery of the ancient Hindu system of Mathematics. Many times kids are scared about mathematics because it is boring and there are so many calculations. Vedic mathematics is a gift to the world from a modern-day Rishi inspired by Vedic principles. In the Vedic mathematics system, huge or difficult calculations […]

Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha Rediscovered Vedic Mathematics

By lscuser21

Vedic Maths is was re-discovered and popularized by his Holiness Shri Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha(March 1884 to February 1960). Swamiji called it mental math and it was an intuitive method and new technique different from orthodox methods of mathematical computations. An arithmetic calculation that took dozens of steps was completed simply, many times mentally. The […]

Best Books on Vedic Mathematics

By lscuser21

Vedic Mathematics or ganith is the collective name given to the set of sixteen mathematical Sutras (formulae) re-discovered in early 20th century . Each formula deals with the various branches of mathematics, with which any mathematical problem – be it arithmetic, trigonometry, algebra or geometry – can be solved orally. Once you turn the last […]