Good Family Upbringing Develops Strong Soft Skills in Kids?

Of late, Indian companies have started expecting new job applicants to already posses the right set of soft skills from the day one they join the company instead of training new employees on these skills. According to NASSCOM, every year over 3 million people (graduates and post-graduates) are added to the workforce in India. Of these, only 25% of technical graduates and 10-15% of other graduates are considered employable by IT and ITES sectors. Even after employing these graduates, most companies have to spend considerable amount of time and invest heavily in training so as to develop the skills required by the industry. Ultimately, with the talent shortage resulting in increased salaries and high attrition rates, experts cautioned that India could soon lose its competitive advantage in the IT sector. Already India has lost a lot of market share in call center market to countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America

Most of the parents have a preconceived notion that most expensive/ luxurious schools will teach good soft skills to their children and hence indulge in paying huge fees to these schools. It has been observed that if the parents are with strong values, integrity and positive attitude, they can inculcate in their children a set of solid values like fairness, honesty, discipline, justice, integrity etc. right from their childhood. Even the school in which a person has been brought up, also influences his soft skills, if the school itself is with bad environment or bad culture, how can one expect to have good soft skills in a person who has been brought up in it.

When a person is looking for a job those with good upbringing will possess a strong set of soft skills that helps them to get selected for good jobs. Remember any thing that can be bought with money is a commodity. Sending a kid to the most expensive school is not enough.

The attitude of ‘Charity’ in the mind of a person starts from his home. Similarly, a person’s behavior and development of his soft skills starts from his home right from his childhood. How good or how bad a person’s soft skills are? mostly depends upon how well he has been brought up by his family members and the society to which he belongs.

Parents ignore the fact that it is their fundamental duty to instill a strong set of soft skills in their children right from their childhood by educating them about the acceptable attitudes and behaviors to be followed in the society. Thus, parents have to realize that proper upbringing helps in building the right foundation for their children in developing good soft skills.

So, good family upbringing plays a major role in helping the development of good soft skills and teaching to act appropriately in the society. Probably, the strongest influence in a person’s life and on his soft skills is the family he grew up in. The birth order, the personality of parents, treatment from siblings, the socioeconomic status of family, and education will shape the soft skills of a person.

If the person had no good relations in between and among the siblings of his family, he automatically carries the same to outside the home, may be to educational places and work places etc., which leads to poor soft skills. On the other hand, when a person has good communication and good relations in and among the family members or the siblings, then he tends to practice good communication skills, a positive attitude, and good negotiation skills etc., which are a part of soft skills.

In some families, parents never cared for their children and they grew up not knowing much about the outside world. As a result, the kids do not even know how to behave in the society and lack in their soft skills. On the other hand, when the parents care about their children and teach them how to behave in the society, how to talk with the people, how to understand the people, and how to tackle the hard situations etc., it has a positive impact on the kids. The children will develop a positive attitude, a tendency of facing challenges and builds empathy, which slowly develops a set of good soft skills for the child as he grows up in his life.

It has been also said that, confident and skillful parents adopting a ‘tough love’ approach to parenting in the upbringing of a child by balancing the affection and discipline seems to be most effective in terms of generating the characteristics such as purpose, self-regulation and empathy, which are considered to be good soft skills for a person. Parents cannot ignore their responsibility of giving a good upbringing to their kids. So, every parent must not forget that it is their duty to bring up their children not only giving good education but also good kind of attitude and culture.

When a child has a good family upbringing along with a good school education, that child is likely to do very well in life. Children who have been molded well by their parents & teachers, whose rational mind has been strengthened and good character has been build, can look forward to a bright career and contribute significantly to their employers success. Such individuals are valued greatly by employers.

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