Serving People Makes You More Healthy: John Hopkins

People who regularly participate in voluntary services will proudly agree to the fact that their job is the primary thing which boosts their longevity. They say that they experience great amount of satisfaction in their job, which helps them in getting out of the depression. With now even many researches supporting the fact, it is the turn of every individual to involve themselves in any kind of service activities and enjoy living long and happy life.

According to the experts opinion from the Corporation of National Community and Service, which reviewed two decades of data from over 30 studies found that volunteers had less depression, greater satisfaction in life and lived longer than those who did not volunteer.

Another two year study found that adults above the age of 75 years who volunteered for more than 100 hours a year were one third less likely to report bad health and two thirds less likely to die. The study also found that people over the age of 65 years who were volunteering seemed to get much benefits than the younger volunteers.

‘Do good, Be Good’ is an old saying but now ‘Do good and Feel good’ is the modified version says the experts from John Hopkins. This is much useful for older people who feel depressed after their retirement or due to loosing of their spouse. According to another eight year study of 1137 adults, who are into volunteering after the death of their spouse, revealed that there is a decline in their depression. And the people who volunteered before their spouses died, feel less depressed after their death.

Facing emotional disturbances at the age of 65 plus is not easy to deal. According to Johns Hopkins Older Americans Intervention Center, volunteering is associated with increased blood flow in certain areas of the brain, which might indicate more connections between brain cells in these areas. Their research also shows that volunteer work associated with children improves mood and morale. This indirectly indicates that, blood flow and better mood are related.

Coming out of depression is very important these days. Depression makes it harder to overcome health problems and do regular things like exercise and eating well. As, volunteering helps to come out of depression, all the above said issues due to depression can be dealt easily.

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