How do You Shop – Are You into Shopping Addiction?

We generally buy something when we need it. But there are some people who buy things even when they are not required or buy more than what actually is required. Most of them buy for status or to make themselves feel superior. Purchasing makes them feel good about themselves for a few hours. They are all shopaholics and they are into shopping addiction.

Shopping addiction is similar to getting addicted to smoking or drinking alcohol as it is perceived to give the same high, relief from stress and mental peace.

There are two types of shopping

  1. Normal shopping
  2. Shopping addiction

Normal shopping refers to shopping where people shop normally – purchase things that are necessary for daily life. Below are few examples:

  • Purchase things that are needed.
  • Prepare shopping list with budget to spend on shopping.
  • Buy within their limits. If they cannot afford the item, they leave it. So there is less chance to face financial problems.
  • May do window shopping (search around few shops) to get better and reasonable prices.

Shopping addicts are those people who shop excessively and have uncontrollable desire to buy things. Below are few examples of shopaholics:

  • They purchase things more than what they require. They will not think before purchasing, they just need to purchase it.
  • They do not budget the expenditure on shopping.
  • Use credit cards, borrow or spend money allocated to something else like children’s school fees, loan repayments, etc. to purchase unnecessary things.
  • Tempted by discounts – Just show them discount, they will buy, even if it is not needed.
  • Spend even if they know that they cannot afford and face financial problems later.

The opposite of shopping addict is a miser who does not spend even if he needs something. Both are bad behaviours. Be frugal & lead a sensible life.

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