Common Medical Terms Related to Drugs

Here is a list of some common medical terms related to drugs:

Drug-related terms

  • Analgesic – Analgesics are the drugs referred as painkillers given to get relief from pain.
  • Anesthetics – Your doctor will give anesthetics when performing a surgery to block the sensation (feeling of pain) temporarily. It may be pertained to a local portion of the body or whole body.
  • Antibiotic – Antibiotics are medicines which fight against bacterial infections. They are prescribed when you are suffering from any kind of diseases caused because of bacteria.
  • Antiseptic – Antiseptics are applied on the skin or body tissue during an injury. They are intended to inhibit the growth of any kind of microorganisms.
  • Sedatives – These drugs are given to induce sedation (calm up) in a person in order to reduce irritability and excitement. However, they are misused with over dosage by people which may cause unconsciousness and even death.
  • Vaccines – Vaccines are preparations which provide and improve the immunity of a body to a particular disease. They may be given to prevent the effects of future infections, or given as therapeutics treating specific diseases like cancer.
  • Steroids – Most of us have an idea that steroids are harmful. However, particular types of steroids are efficient in medication and help in reducing inflammation. But, many side-effects are seen with long-term use of steroid medication.

Having an idea on these terms helps you maintain your health properly.


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