Important Insurance Policies You Need to Consider in India

Indian insurance market is flourishing with different kinds of insurance policies. There are many public and private players offering services in health and life insurance sector, launching new kinds of insurance products for financial needs. Earlier, LIC was the only insurance company that dominated the Indian insurance marker for a good number of years. At present in India, there are 23 life insurers with combined assets of at least Rs.16 trillion. Out of these, Rs.13 trillion assets are under the largest insurance company – LIC.

Because of these increased variety of products, people are facing difficulty in choosing the right insurance products. They often take wrong kind of insurance – not suitable for them as well as not fully covered.

There are many people who are at risk of being under-insured even after insuring themselves with more than 2-3 kinds of insurance policies. These people are not only facing the risk of being under- insured but also straining their finances due to high premiums that they need to pay.

Hence, considering these risks, we have gathered some important insurance policies that you need to consider in your life to take care of your family’s health as well as financial needs at an affordable cost.

Term insurance – for financial needs of your dependants
Life is full of uncertainties; we don’t know what happens in the next minute. In order to get rid of such kind of insecurity and to live life comfortably with peace of mind, one should consider taking a life insurance policy.

When talking about life insurance, term insurance is the best insurance policy that provides complete protection to the dependants of the insured at low cost. It is the most suitable insurance product for a person who is the sole breadwinner of the family. Term insurance provides income replacement, and helps family to pay rent or home loan EMI, kid’s education fee, etc., in case of the death of the insured person.

LIC, HDFC standard, ICICI prudential, ING Vysya, Birla Sunlife, Reliance Life, Bajaj Allianz, Aviva, Kotak, SBI Life, Metlife, Tata AIG, Bharati AXA, IDBI Federal, etc. are some of the best players offering term insurance in India.

Medical insurance – for expensive health care needs
With the increasing rate of medical inflation, the cost of health care needs are increasing day-by-day in India. Other reasons such as, increasing number of private players in hospital industry, lack of interest on part of government to design health policies that provide heath care at affordable costs to the common man and the increasing sedentary lifestyle among Indians that lead to various complicated diseases, have lead to the growing health care costs.

In order to help people with this problem, many insurance companies are providing medical/health insurance policies that suit their health care needs. There are two types of health insurance policies available – individual health insurance policy and family floater policy that cover all general and regular medical expenses and hospitalization charges of an individual and the family respectively.

Currently, there are 27 non-life insurance companies in India, of these, 4 are public sector companies contributing major services in health insurance segment. National Insurance, New India Assurance, United India, ICICI Lombard, Tata AIG, Royal Sundaram, Star Allied, Cholamandalam DBS, Bajaj Allianz etc are some of the major health insurance companies in India.

Accidental Insurance – for covering risk of accidents
As we all know, accidents are uncertain and are most common in India. They can create serious financial hardships for you and your family in case the accidents. A term plan can only help in providing financial security to your dependants in case of your death, but does not cover the loss of income or medical expenses in case the accident disables the person to earn his income. Here comes the role of accident insurance policy.

Accidental insurance covers the risk of injury/disablement/death arising from an accident that can be caused by external, violent and visible means. One must consider taking accident insurance so as to provide financial assistance to the family if such a devastating situation occurs in future. It is the cheap insurance product available in India, that covers both death and disablement.

Adequate insurance gives peace of mind

You must take care of your and your family’s financial needs by insuring yourself at the best. The purpose of insurance is to cover risks of unexpected and unfavourable mishaps. It helps you maintain a good standard of living even in worse conditions. Hence, it can be concluded that, by having insurance you can live your life with peace of mind.

It is not important to take many insurance policies for all your risks. But, it is essential to have adequate insurance to cover all your risks.

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