PAN and Aadhar Data Set to be Merged

In order to get rid of the fake PAN (Permanent Account Number) cards and to ensure an accurate biometric data, Government has taken step to merge the PAN and Aadhar databases. The Aadhar number which is being issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will now be synchronized with the PAN number database that is maintained by I-T department.

Under the regulation of Finance Minister in 2006, the proposal of generating and issuing PAN with biometric data in 2006, was kept pending for some time as it was felt that both the UIDAI and I-T department would be “duplicating the effort” in order to get biometrics-based identity. At that time, the Finance Minister proposed that biometric PAN cards would have I-T assesses fingerprints and the face.

Now, this can be achieved by combining the Aadhar database with that of the PAN. The Finance Ministry official said that now the Aadhar will ensure the effective disbursal of government funds on poor and biometric PAN will stop the forgery of PAN cards which generates the economic crime. Moreover he said that the entire effort to have biometric PAN card was to avoid duplication and stop deceitful practices by tax-evaders.

According to the latest data (November 2011), a total of 13,74,03,213 PAN cards are valid at present. While PAN is a 10-character alphanumeric representation issued by the I-T Department to taxpayers, biometrics issued by UIDAI is a biological method to identify physical features of an individual.

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