Nokia Re-Enters Mobile Phone Market

Nokia is coming back into mobile market after a long period of waiting of non-compete agreement with Microsoft. Nokia was a pioneer in the mobile phone market because of its long lasting battery, reliability and good reception. Nokia phones are well known for their sturdy handset design and durability. Unfortunately, it had trouble maintaining its position in smartphones because of poor partnership choice with Symbian and later with Microsoft. It faced a serious setback and had to close its smartphone manufacturing unit when it entered into a business partnership with Microsoft.


However, Nokia has made a decision to return to mobile business by partnering with HMD Global and is all geared up to face the challenge to win against many popular brands. Since, there is already a tough competition for leadership in smartphone space, Nokia will have to prove itself against established brands including Apple, Samsung, LG, Lenovo and others to regain its position back in mobile market.

Nokia Smartphones with Android Nougat OS

nokia 6

                 Nokia 6 Sale 23 Aug 2017

Nokia, which had a great realization from the past experiences, had taken a smart decision to move to successful Android OS. The new Nokia smartphones will be using Google’s 7th version of Android Nougat OS on its mobile devices. Compared to previous Android versions, it will have many advanced features that have long been yearned by users. Nokia has already unveiled one of its Android Nougat smartphone models Nokia 6 in china and it now going global including Indian market. For now, Nokia is mainly targeting mid-range of the mobile phone market.

About New Nokia Brand and the Company HMD Global

After a long respite, Nokia has decided to make its major comeback with the new owner, HMD Global, a Finnish-based mobile phone maker. HMD Global which has acquired the licensed rights to produce Nokia phones for the next ten years is coming up with new Android phone models. As per the agreement, HMD will deal with marketing & sales of Nokia branded phones and accessories while Foxconn, a Taiwanese company will be handling manufacturing and R&D.

Nokia Android Phones


Nokia 6               Nokia 5            Nokia 3              

Nokia Features Phones


Nokia 3310             Nokia 150

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