Savings Addiction – Are You One of Those Spending More Trying to Save Money?

Savings addiction is a rapidly growing concern mostly seen in urban areas. There are people who overspend money on items that are on discount or sale. They become addicted to this purchasing behaviour and buy things they don’t actually need or use

Save a Little Every Day to Keep Debt Away

Savings are essential to meet future financial emergencies. Without savings, you will be forced into debt during emergencies. You therefore, need to inculcate money saving habits. Save a little every day. The little amount you save will help you tackle financial emergencies. Saving money is not at all a difficult task. This article will help […]

Help Your Children Understand the Importance of Money

Today’s schools have many things to teach students on various subjects like History, Geography, English, Science, Mathematics and the list goes on. But there is no such school that teaches students on money management concepts like how to save money, how to spend money, how to manage money, etc. So, it is the responsibility of […]

Are Chits Really Beneficial? – Chit Funds vs. Fixed Deposits in Banks

Chits are suitable only for people who either don’t report their income, who work in unorganized sector or those who have no access to other investment options. In this article, we will compare chit funds with fixed deposits, considered as one of the best investment options and see which investment option is better.

How to Encourage Your Kids to Save Money

Encouraging kids to save money is an important thing parents should consider in their parenting plan. Although, it is not easy to make your kids learn all the money saving techniques, you can at least teach them few basic things that can make them disciplined money savers. The earlier you start, the better off they […]

Savings Plan: Stages of Saving Money

A penny saved is a penny earned Earning money is not enough to gain financial stability in life. You need to save money regularly to meet your future needs. Following is a step by step plan on how you can save money. Step #1: Set your savings goal Personal financial planning at the right time […]