Purchasing Right

Is aluminum engine better than cast iron engine?

In a car, material plays important role and the overall value that we spend on material is about 47% of the total car cost. Among the materials used, metals have a larger portion, as they are used in making body, chassis, engine, and other parts. Previously cast iron was largely used in car manufacturing but […]

Base model cars vs Added feature cars

We all know that car is basically a luxury item, and it makes no sense on spending additional money for features that are integrated only in higher models. People get really confused while buying a car, whether to go with base model or opt for added feature models with substantial difference in price of nearly […]

Steel Wheels Vs Alloy Wheels

Wheel is considered to be the greatest invention in human life and they are the main source of moving for vehicles from one place to another. A wheel is made up of a rim and a tire which rotates by an axle to move the vehicle forward or backward. Whether it is a new vehicle […]

Functional Features To Look For While Purchasing a Mobile Phone

The market is literally flooded with a variety of mobile phones. For those who have little idea about these devices and the emerging technologies, the range is often confusing. For such people, it is imperative to know their functional features to make a sensible purchase as they are different from the fancy features. Listed here […]