List of Android Versions and Their Features

Android has a market share of nearly 70% in the mobile operating system arena. It is getting more popular every day and new versions are evolving very frequently. But many people do not know about the various versions of Android and their features. The following panel details different versions and their features: Earlier versions Android […]

Dual SIM Mobile Phones – Types, Advantages, Drawbacks

Dual SIM phones are highly popular among cell phone users these days. Their ability to allow communication through two different networks/numbers is highly functional. Especially for employees/sales people

Unregistered Telemarketers to Face Penalty: TRAI

In order to curb the menace of unsolicited SMSes, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has now proposed charging unregistered telemarketers who send marketing messages to the telecom users. It mentioned that a penalty of Rs 500 will be charged on the telemarketer on first complaint and if they still continued to violate, the telecom […]

How to De-register from National Do not Disturb (NDND) Registry

De-registration will remove your number from the NCPR registry and you can again receive either all the promotional calls/messages or few from your preferred category. Below is the procedure for de-registration By dialing 1909 Dial 1909 from your mobile phone. Take the help of customer care executive or follow the instructions of IVRS to get […]

How to Stop Receiving Promotional Calls/Messages on Your Mobile

In a view to respect the privacy of every telecom user TRAI has introduced National Customer Preference Registry (NCPR), the erstwhile NDND (National Do Not Disturb) registry, which allows all the telecom users to exercise preferences/restrictions on all the promotional calls/messages they are receiving on their mobile. Below is the procedure for registration to block […]

New SMS Regulations by TRAI

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently issued “The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations, 2010”, which enforced a limit of 100 SMS per day per SIM, except on black out days (festivals). It issued the regulation on 1st December, 2010 which came in to force from 27th September, 2011. Objectives of the Regulation […]

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Why Choose LED Based Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are very important tools that should be in every home or office, particularly in India, where power cuts are very common. Power cuts are impossible to predict in India, you will not know when a power cut will strike and how long it affects your life. Not only during power cuts, they are […]

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Advantages of Inverter Air Conditioners

Want to beat the heat this summer with air conditioner? Looking for an energy efficient system? If yes, consider an inverter air conditioner. Before purchasing an air conditioner, take a look at how traditional and inverter systems work and what are the benefits of an inverter AC system. Now a days we can see a […]

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Know The Difference Between LCD, Plasma, HDTV, LED, and OLED

There are many technologies emerging in display devices like TVs. Every technology excels in particular feature of display and has particular method of display. Different technologies used in TVs are: LCD TV: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions are thinner and lighter and provide much sharper and clearer picture than CRTs of similar size. They are […]


Importance of Pollution Free Ventilation in Urban Areas

Good ventilation brings in enough outdoor air to dilute emissions from indoor sources and carries indoor air pollutants out of the house. But opening doors or windows today in the daytime can be horrific. In earlier days, some 25 years back, when you open the doors or windows, you could get fresh air from the […]

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AC and Ventilation for India – White Paper

Many homes and almost all offices today are using air conditioning systems. Air conditioning for many may be a luxury, but it is a necessity for some people. These systems are used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in other countries and are generally referred as ‘HVAC’ systems. However, both heating and cooling in one […]

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Why Measure Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioning systems today can be seen in almost all offices and in many of the residential spaces. Air Conditioners are cooling, heating, ventilating and disinfectant systems that provide health and comfort. However, the common myth among many people is that air conditioners alone provide good indoor air quality, but the fact is that they […]

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) deals with the nature of conditioned air that circulates or flows everywhere in the space, area, or room where we work and live, particularly the air we breathe during most of our lives. Indoor air quality is a crucial issue because most people spend about 90% of their time indoors, either […]

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Ventilation and Its Benefits

Ventilation is the process by which ‘fresh’ air (generally outdoor air) is deliberately provided to a space or room and stale or stagnant air is removed. This may be performed by either natural or mechanical means. Ventilation by either natural or mechanical affects energy use or can influence the lifetime performance or efficiency of a […]

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How to Secure Emails Smartly

Email Security: Email is inherently not secure since SMTP does not encrypt messages. Messages sent through SMTP contain information about the computer that it sent from, and the email program that was used. The POP and IMAP protocols do not encrypt the username and password you used to login. The email messages you send may […]