Brown Rice Keeps You Away From Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer

Brown rice almost got disappeared in last few years with invention of processing machine for white rice. Today, with increasing cases of obesity, cancer and diabetes in India, people are returning to brown rice. Read on to know more about brown rice and its advantages [...]

What is Diabetes?

India is called as the ‘diabetes capital of the world’ with more than 5 crore people suffering from diabetes. Many factors like the consumption of polished and processed foods, heavy intake of calorie–rich foods, sedentary lifestyles are the main reasons behind this epidemic. Though diabetes in not a fatal disorder, people suffering from it should [...]

Weekend Eating-Out Falling Sick Loop Broken by COVID Stay At Home

Weekend! It is a great time between Friday evening to Monday morning when people get time for themselves from their hectic schedule throughout the week.

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Food As Medicine – Eating Properly For Immunity And Health

Food is necessary for every living being on earth. Whether it is animals, plants, or microorganisms, everyone needs food to survive. A well-balanced food consists of protein, fats, carbs, and other vital nutrients which provide energy to the body to support its functions.

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Reasons Why Organic Foods Are Worth It, Despite Being Costlier

Are you already buying organic food, but concerned about the higher cost? Are you still trying to decide on whether you should buy organic food at such ‘high prices’? Whatever be your situation, the most common argument against organic foods is that it is costlier compared to its non-organic counterpart. It sure sounds like something […]

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Preventive Measures to Reduce Risk of Cancer

How to not fall prey to the dreaded condition – cancer? While there is no absolute answer to this, it may not be as bleak as you think. A few conscious changes in your lifestyle may reduce the risk of cancer considerably. And they aren’t as difficult as you may believe. Prevention, after all, is […]

Essential Food Habits for Healthy Life

We have a busy life and there are so many priorities in life. We are over loaded with information. FM Radio, TV, Online,  Mobile,  Outdoor advertising, pamplets, newspapers, emails and magazines. We are pounded on all sides with various sources providing “info” on everything.  However, insightful information is less; while  low quality and many times […]

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Organic Foods and Its Benefits: Nutritious and Delicious

Are organic foods really any good? If you are still not certain, you are sure in for a surprise! The first thing to understand is that organic food is better, not only for the consumer but also for the environment. Why? For the simple reason that it is the way, it is supposed to be, […]

5 Benefits Of Having Organic Food

Consuming organic food comes with several long-term health benefits. In case you think that it is just a food fad, you are mistaken. Considering the high cost involved in purchasing organic food, you might continue having the regular one. Besides, the unavailability of organic food in all locations is another factor, which leads people to […]

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Food Contamination Due To Industrial Agriculture – Organic Foods Best!

Over the last couple of decades, agricultural contamination due to the excessive use of chemicals has become relevant in the healthcare domain. The contemporary agricultural system has been highly industrialized to optimize crop production. This, in turn, leads to various environmental and health impacts. The conventional agricultural practices have been taken to the industrial scale, […]

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Few Simple Tips to Stay Healthy

We come across millions of ideas that prescribe how to stay healthy. But, do we really use the amount of information available when it comes to being healthy. Well most of us will agree that we do not even bother to look at them. To be honest you need to pay attention to some of […]

Importance of Sunlight

Studies have shown that sunlight gives us specific health benefits both directly and indirectly. A sensible amount of sunlight reduces the risk of several serious health conditions and boosts our vitamin D levels. Today we have replaced sunlight with electric bulbs, but electric bulbs cannot replace many of the benefits that come with sunlight.


Sleep Deprivation – A Root Cause of Many Health Disorders

Sleep Deprivation means, not being to have enough sleep. It is a very common disorder and a sleep medication in today’ people. This leads the people to various major health disorders. It’s shocking to know that 93% of people in India are sleep deprived, according to a survey.


Green Tea – A Refreshing Drink Assuring Health Benefits

[asa_collection]tea_1[/asa_collection] Feeling stressed? Need to refresh yourself? Then, have a cup of tea. This is what you suggest your friends generally, right? But, if you are aware of green tea, then you’ll obviously taste it and even recommend others to take green tea. Green tea – a distinct tea variety – is a refreshing drink […]


Do Spinach and Tomatoes Cause Kidney Stones?

Many of us believe that taking food containing spinach and tomatoes cause kidney stones. But this is not completely true. Half knowledge is always dangerous. It is important to know whether it is only our belief or it is a fact. This article helps you clear all the doubts regarding this issue.

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Diabetic Diet Plan for Indians

Diabetes or high blood sugar is one of the most common chronic (lifelong) disorders from which majority of Indians are suffering. Unlike all other lifestyle diseases, diabetes affects almost all the major parts of the body, when not managed properly. Hence, diabetes management is important for every person suffering from diabetes. Long back, in the […]

Why Good Doctors are Forced to Give Bad Advise?

Have you ever asked doctor the reason for your sickness? Or why it has occurred? If not asked anytime, do it when you go to doctor next time. They are afraid that they will lose patients, if they provide technically accurate response that is suitable for educated patients. Since only a small number of people […]