Guru, Swami, and Yogi – The Difference

Guru, Swami and Yogi are the most commonly used words in India. Many times people use these words alternatively because they don’t know that there is a difference in their meaning. Each word specifies certain characteristics of a person.

The Four Purusharthas – The Goals of Life

The four purusharthas the dharma, artha, kama and moksha are the goals of human life. These are the things for which every person strives for. Knowing the actual and in-depth meaning of purusharthas and following them helps lead a meaningful life.

Four Stages Of Person’s Life (Indian)

According to Ancient Indian Hindu culture, there are four stages of a person’s life which are known as Ashramas. They are Brahmachari (student), Grihasta (Householder), Vanaprasta (ascetic in semi retirement) and Sannyasi ( a renounced person in full retirement). Each stage has different principles. The four stages are considered as stages of Preparation, Production, Service […]

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Eight Stages Of Person’s Life (Western)

Throughout the entire life, a person experiences physical and emotional changes. Psychologist Erik Erikson categorized the human life into eight stages from birth until death, depending on the cooperation of body, mind, and ego. Infancy (Birth to eighteen months): This stage is represents the dependence of the infant on the mother for basic nourishment. The […]


Lunar and Solar Calendars

Calendar helps us to organize our days for social, religious, administrative or commercial purposes. Time periods like months or years in a calendar are generally synchronized with the motion of the sun or the moon. People from different civilizations and different regions have designed calendars to suit to their particular needs. There are different types […]