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Eat Apples, Beans, Peas and Make Your Belly Fat Free: Report

By mcras2

Belly fat which is also called as abdominal obesity is a major problem to many people. Particularly for those, whose job involves sitting all the time, due to the lack of physical activity fat will get easily accumulated around their tummies. The researchers from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center found an interesting solution for […]

Consuming Too Much During Pregnancy Raises the Risk of Low IQ in Child

By mcras2

Naturally, all the pregnant women even though they don’t feel like eating more, forcefully take more quantities in a view that they will be blessed with a healthy baby. But recent researches have discouraged these beliefs and have revealed that excessive intake of food may negatively affect the IQ of the child. According to the […]

Two Sugary Drinks a Day Causes Craving for High Calorie Food: Universities of Bristol and Bangor

By mcras2

It might be a cold beverage, a soft drink, a fruit juice or any liquid which tastes sweet can lead to health complications by regular consumption. Nowadays its quiet common to have a sugary drink whenever we feel thirsty. Kids easily consume more than two drinks a day. Recent studies proved that this tendency to […]

Inadequate Sleep Can Cause Obesity: John Hopkins

By mcras2

Inadequate sleep by itself has many shortcomings, such as, poor concentration, drowsiness, irritation, restlessness, risk of infections like cough and cold and so on. Now you can add obesity to the list. Recent study conducted by John Hopkins Weight Management Center proved that ‘obesity’ is also one of the most serious ill effects of sleeping […]