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Are you using the right cinnamon in your cooking?

By lscuser21

Many people really adore using cinnamon in their cooking as it adds an extra touch of sweetness to their recipes. It also occupies a special place in traditional treatments as people believe that cinnamon mixed with honey when taken will cure many general health ailments. However, we need to be very cautious while using it […]

Junk Food Ads Make Children Hungry: University of Liverpool, UK

By mcras2

The children of today’s generation are more exposed to televisions, mobiles and Internet. Children are affected badly by various features of these electronic devices. Among them, commercial advertisements are one of the badly influencing factors. Though not all ads are harmful, few ads do create negative effects on children, especially on their health. Recently, a […]

TV Watching Poses Great Risk to Children’s Eyes: University of Sydney

By mcras2

Nowadays children are much addicted to TV and computers than any other thing. They are ignoring the physical activity and even stopped playing outdoor games after the invent of the latest PC games and online games. This is affecting them a lot says the researchers from the University of Sydney. The latest survey conducted on […]