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Are you using the right cinnamon in your cooking?

By lscuser21

Many people really adore using cinnamon in their cooking as it adds an extra touch of sweetness to their recipes. It also occupies a special place in traditional treatments as people believe that cinnamon mixed with honey when taken will cure many general health ailments. However, we need to be very cautious while using it […]

Four Stages Of Person’s Life (Indian)

By mcras2

According to Ancient Indian Hindu culture, there are four stages of a person’s life which are known as Ashramas. They are Brahmachari (student), Grihasta (Householder), Vanaprasta (ascetic in semi retirement) and Sannyasi ( a renounced person in full retirement). Each stage has different principles. The four stages are considered as stages of Preparation, Production, Service […]

Know The Difference Between LCD, Plasma, HDTV, LED, and OLED

By mcras2

There are many technologies emerging in display devices like TVs. Every technology excels in particular feature of display and has particular method of display. Different technologies used in TVs are: LCD TV: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions are thinner and lighter and provide much sharper and clearer picture than CRTs of similar size. They are […]

Eight Stages Of Person’s Life (Western)

By mcras2

Throughout the entire life, a person experiences physical and emotional changes. Psychologist Erik Erikson categorized the human life into eight stages from birth until death, depending on the cooperation of body, mind, and ego. Infancy (Birth to eighteen months): This stage is represents the dependence of the infant on the mother for basic nourishment. The […]

Why Measure Indoor Air Quality

By mcras2

Air conditioning systems today can be seen in almost all offices and in many of the residential spaces. Air Conditioners are cooling, heating, ventilating and disinfectant systems that provide health and comfort. However, the common myth among many people is that air conditioners alone provide good indoor air quality, but the fact is that they […]

Lunar and Solar Calendars

By mcras2

Calendar helps us to organize our days for social, religious, administrative or commercial purposes. Time periods like months or years in a calendar are generally synchronized with the motion of the sun or the moon. People from different civilizations and different regions have designed calendars to suit to their particular needs. There are different types […]

Pens and the Romance of the Educated with Pens

By mcras2

Pen occupies a special place in the minds of educated people. Pens are also a symbol of knowledge and mark of humanity. As a key productivity tool for a common educated man, the pens have become the integral part of his life. People have attraction towards pens, as they are associated with ideas and constant […]

Good Family Upbringing Develops Strong Soft Skills in Kids?

By mcras2

Of late, Indian companies have started expecting new job applicants to already posses the right set of soft skills from the day one they join the company instead of training new employees on these skills. According to NASSCOM, every year over 3 million people (graduates and post-graduates) are added to the workforce in India. Of […]

Human Nature is Funny – It Seeks What is Uncommon

By mcras2

People are more interested about the things, which they don’t have. As it is said that grass always looks more greener on other side, human nature seeks what is uncommon. The two common examples mentioned here may help you understand better about the different perceptions of people in a precise way.

Lack of Health Awareness Creates Problems to Patients and Doctors

By mcras2

Frequently, even college and post graduate and degree holders say that they are going to hospital when they require treatment for minor ailments. This is because of rampant health ignorance and lack of medical awareness. This situation leads to problems to both patients and doctors. Just we do not take the support of crane for […]

Shopping Addiction

By mcras2

When somebody needs something then they buy. However, some people also buy when they don’t require or buy much more than required. Some people also buy for status, experience, or to make them feel superior. Purchasing makes you feel good about yourself for a few hours. People often shop to feel better about themselves. These […]

Brown Rice Keeps You Away From Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer

By mcras2

Brown rice almost got disappeared in last few years with invention of processing machine for white rice. Today, with increasing cases of obesity, cancer and diabetes in India, people are returning to brown rice. Read on to know more about brown rice and its advantages

Delayed Gratification

By mcras2

Delayed gratification is the ability to wait in order to obtain something that one wants. This ability is usually considered to be a personality trait which is important for life success. People who lack this trait are said to need instant gratification and may suffer from poor impulse control. Michael Mischel conducted experiment in 1960’s […]

Rat Race: A Race that You Never Win & Why to Avoid it?

By mcras2

Modern life, like a rat race, can be endless, self-defeating, pointless pursuit.To be out of rat race requires a different outlook, strong convictions and a belief in tomorrow. Otherwise, the pressure to conform to the majority way of thinking is very high.